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It is obvious, today’s design for PCs where plastic reigns as master material with industrial lines from a mass production cannot be combined with the softness of a dwelling and the elegance of a stylish set of furniture.

Therefore we have conceived and propose new PCs and flat screen TV sets designed in Classic style (Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire) and Contemporary (Infini, Florentine, Jura). These jewels are hand-made in brass, bronze, alabaster, malachite and lapis lazuli; the metallic parts are covered with “old style” gold leaves. These transform PCs in decorative masterpieces and bring a touch of elegance.

The very small high-performance base unit is discreetly incorporated in the LCD’s box; thanks to that, there is only one cable to connect your entire PC. Finally, the wireless keyboard and mouse give the finishing touches to this total freedom of movement and enhance the whole with an unexpected discretion.


We also thought about those who would like to order the entire bureau: cabinet and PC in style at client’s choice, in collaboration with renowned “ébénistes” (cabinet makers).

 These models are part of an inexistent category before today, that of IT LUXURY, and allow France to promote itself as vanguard in this field where high-tech gently meets the extreme refinement of art.

We use a « savoir-faire » (know-how) acquired during centuries and combine it with today’s and tomorrow’s technologies to deliver an outstanding product as well in terms of design finesse as in manufacturing care, in order to guarantee a label  “Made in France”.

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