Contemporary style

Touches of elegance on your desktop, authentic design, 3D LED screen asymmetrically designed and gracious curves.

 Ecran 3D  à LED avec un design asymétrique é lignes courbe  noir

CHIRITA PARIS update the « Infini » luxury flat screen model (asymmetric design),

already patented in 2000.

Infiny 3D is a superb multimedia and TV 22’’ flat-screen, with an outstanding image quality thanks to its innovative LED back-light that permits playing 2D and 3D without any additional glasses. The 3D operating mode uses the « 3D stereo display » technique which consists in creating pixel duplication with independent polarization dedicated to left and right eye, all without having to use additional glasses. In order to improve the user’s comfort, the screen includes an electronic mechanism that allows remote tilt for optimal view. The Infiny 3D flat-screens are hand-made in bross, bronze, scarce marble, malachite and lapis lazuli; metallic parts are covered with “old style” gold leaves. These transform 3D flat-screens in decorative masterpieces and bring a touch of elegance.


Infini 3D TV model

We also propose a complementary modern workspace to the computer: a “sensitive keyboard” installed behind the desktop’s glass and an armchair equipped with 5.1 or 7.1 wireless Hi-Fi audio system. This innovation renders perfectly the 3D audio effects and plunges you at most deep of your movie, music or video game.

Cabinet de travail Colleu-3

Infini 3D PC signed CHIRITA PARIS and cabinet signed Piere Colleu

At the crossroads between high-tech and French know-how, CHIRITA PARIS products deliver the perfection in terms of finishing and a “Made in France” label guaranteed by a certificate of authenticity. ————————————————————————————————————————————————-

PC + Ecran tacile

PC with base unit integrated at the back of the TOUCH-SCREEN.

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