USB Flash Drive

Sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II

USB Flash Drives made in gold-coated brass, entirely hand-made, using the methods and original instruments from 18th century.

The USB Deluxe, guarantees A CENTURY

ClesUSB de Luxe Lys  XV

Lys XV Flash Drive

ClesUSB de Luxe Lys  XVI

Lys XVI Flash Drive

ClesUSB de Luxe Fleurs -2

Rosaces Flash Drive

Cofret Cle USB Lys

Lys Deluxe Flash Drive Case


You are looking for a royal present and therefore have to combine festivity and uniqueness. Chirita Paris proposes new IT jewels, an artistic mix of know-how and high quality. By integrating the latest technology in our products we offer the feeling of an untimed universe. The design of these jewels is representative of 18th century classic style, made in brass and covered with “old-style” gold leaves, completely hand-made, with a starting storage capacity of 34 GB. The flawless finishing and the guarantee of a purely traditional manufacture, following work methods and using original tools from 18th century, passed on from generation to generation, permit CHIRITA Paris to deliver a Certificate of Authenticity for each product.

Sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II

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